About me

David, a student of life, started out with a huge interest in technology before other organisations were embracing technology like many are now. He was extremely curious about gadgets and electronics, ripping into things he should not of.

He then self taught all he knows about computers and programming from an early age where his first computer was made of paper through to his current menagerie of Apple gadgets, etc.

His early years mirrored that of the quote from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory “There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.”

After school David found work in the computer retail and support industry where a confluence occurred as Apple Computer took hold of everyones imagination with their first retail computer, the Apple ][, that David took to like a Duck does to water.

Later whilst working for another computer retail and support business, he co-founded the Apple User Society of Melbourne (AUSOM), and at the time David being by chance in the right place and time, found his job title had changed to instead being a programmer in what was a pre-Internet start-up business initially linked to his current employment.

Later after yet working for another computer retail and support business, David became very frustrated whilst “Working for the boss”, and started his own computer consultancy to put people ahead of profit, well more so than “The boss” did. This computer consultancy grew into a computer & Multimedia software consultancy, and now a computer & Internet consultancy, with his best online work at http://pet.dogshome.com/

David’s “Greenie” background influence started from his mother, in bringing native bush into the gardening at his Dingley Village home, and grew from there after watching such movies as Silent Running, and later whilst enjoying watching David Attenborough, and Professor Brian Cox.

However for health reasons, David has had to scale back his computer & Internet consultancy, but then turned his many years of experience back to electronics, through confluence again with the interlinked Hacker and Maker Movement, and in particular Light & Kinetic Art around Arduino, etc.

2015 saw David enter as an Emerging Light & Kinetic Artist at the PPHA “Home Is Where The Art Is” exhibition, with his piece called “My Brain through a Looking Glass”.

This year look out for his new piece called “Electric Jellyfish”, to artistically highlight pollution in our oceans, mainly plastic pollution.

See Electric Jellyfish @ I am art … and this is me. Opens 5pm Thursday…

At Laneway Art Space 

David is a Creative Victorian and can be contacted via;

David Turk <davemarkturk@gmail.com>

https://davemarkturk.wordpress.com/contact/ @davemarkturk